Step- 1 Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Do you want the air in your home to be fresh, clean and at a comfortable temperature all year around?  Are you concerned about the rising costs of electricity and the inefficiency of your current home heating method?  Does your gas heater seem to output more condensation than heat?  Are your kids at risk from naked flames or glowing elements?  Concerned about the environment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions a heat pump and/or ventilation system is right for you!

Why installing a heat pump is such a wise decision

With the push of a button, you can enjoy the most economical and energy-efficient way of making your home a truly comfortable place to be all year round.

  • Cool air in summer and warm air in winter
  • Lower heating bills
  • Clean, filtered air without impurities such as pollen and dust
  • Considerably lower condensation and humidity levels
  • Much safer for children, no glowing elements!
  • Eco-friendly refrigerants for the good of our environment

The benefits of Heat Pumps over other forms of Heating and Cooling

The ever-rising cost of electricity? the uncertainty of long-term gas supply? clean air regulations restricting household fires? the answer to all these is a modern heat pump.

  • With correct design and installation a heat pump can deliver at least $3 worth of heat for every dollar spent.*
  • Half the price of gas to run.
  • As little as a third of the price of electric heaters to run.

*Data taken from the Consumer NZ website - updated May 4 2007
Click here to see more information about Heat Pumps from the Consumer NZ Website

Looking after your Home and the Environment

The environmentally friendly refrigerant Puron R410a ensures your heat pump will not damage the ozone layer. Recent technological advances give new heat pump models a host of advanced features and improved energy-saving performance ideal for today's healthy, eco-conscious lifestyles.

With the air filtered clean of dust, pollen, soot and other impurities, your family will enjoy a healthier environment all year round.

Unlike most forms of heating, a heat pump does not consume oxygen, so rooms never feel stuffy. The cooling function lowers total humidity by removing excess moisture. Plus there are no exposed hot surfaces, pilot flames, fuel burners or gas tanks to worry about.

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