Step 2- Tell Us What You Need

Before you purchase a heat pump or ventilation system it is important to think about what you want to achieve - style, performance, efficiency, air purity, ventilation, heating, cooling... maybe all of these are important to you. Do you want a system that serves the whole house or just one or more specific rooms?

Some questions to consider: 

  • Do you want to heat and cool one room, the whole living area or the whole house?
  • What areas will need individual climate control settings - do you want options for adjusting individual room temperatures?
  • Are there any design considerations you want us to bear in mind?
  • Does anyone in your family have health issues (e.g. asthma) that could be helped by installing a heat pump system?

By completing our needs analysis form before talking to our residential solutions team, you help us to help you. 

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