Heat pump sales increase squeezing out solid fuel
Posted On: Monday, 21 January 2008

The New Zealand Herald, Monday January 21, 2008

New research shows heat pumps are quickly becoming the preferred way to heat and cool New Zealand Homes.

Initial findings of a report to be released this year by Branz Ltd, a research, testing, consultancy, and educational service for the building industry, indicate New Zealanders are moving away from solid fuel heating.

Branz energy scientist Lisa French recently completed a national survey which looked at how heat pumps were used in New Zealand.  She said the increased use of heat pumps could mean higher annual average consumption of electricity but the pumps were highly effective.

"Most users of heat pumps are very happy with their decision, despite the trend towards an increase in the overall use of electricity."

Colder areas had the highest proportion of heat pump and use in summer had risen throughout the country.  The majority of homes were still heated by solid fuel burners by 40 percent installed a heat pump to replace a wood burner or gas heater.

Heat pump sales in the past year were more than double those of three years ago and 45 percent of new homes had a heat pump installed.


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